SITEOPS® Multi Pad is revolutionary patented software for land development. The Engineering Groupe, Inc. uses SITEOPS technology to produce superior designs and uncover potential client savings by optimizing grading for cost.

SITEOPS is "CAD with a Brain®," revolutionary technology that can optimize conceptual site plans for cost by using sophisticated algorithms. SITEOPS allows the engineer to create site layouts, grading plans, storm water drainage designs, and related cost estimates in hours as opposed to days.

SITEOPS technology has been demonstrated to save an average of $15,000 per acre in site costs. SITEOPS enables engineers to produce multiple preliminary plans for a site, along with cost estimates, faster than traditional CAD products. This can give you more information at the start of a project, a critical time for making key financial decisions that affect your project.

How does it work?
The engineer begins by entering site and cost data specific to your project, and creating a basic layout. Powerful back-end servers create and analyze millions of combinations of grading, and drainage options for your site, all within the specified constraints, and identify the most cost-effective preliminary design options. The engineer can then refine and finalize these designs, and generate a report for you that includes 3D views of layouts and a takeoff budget for each.

The Engineering Groupe is a SITEOPS® Certified Partner firm, prepared to deliver you the cost-optimized results via this patented software.

For additional information regarding how SITEOPS can save your project time and money, please contact Steve Paska at

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