Residential Engineering Washington DC and Virginia

Residential engineering in Washington, D.C. and Virginia requires a broad skill set, even beyond the skills and abilities needed to work in this field in other parts of the United States. In this part of the country, there are both delicate environmental areas and historical zones where residential projects are either heavily restricted or even banned.

The Engineering Groupe has been working in Washington, D.C. and Virginia for over two decades, giving us the skills and experience base necessary to design and execute residential engineering projects in this part of the country.

Our Services

Some of the engineering services our firm provides for residential projects include the following:

  • Preliminary planning: While assisting the earliest stages of a residential community, this can involve selecting the site for the community, creating a plan, and estimating costs
  • Rezoning and permitting: In Virginia and Washington, D.C., residential engineering can involve rezoning a site for residential development and obtaining the appropriate permits for projects in restricted areas
  • Water resources design: In any community as well as in industrial projects, water is an essential element. In residential engineering, designing a water resource plan must address the availability, accessibility, and quality of water for the residents
  • Surveying: This is often part of the preliminary planning and involves ascertaining the location of borders, boundaries, and elevations of both land and structures on the site
  • Road design: It is important that traffic is routed in an efficient and practical manner in residential developments, so residential engineers are consulted in the design of this system for any residential project
  • Storm water management: Another water-related concern for residential engineers is the collection, storage, and control of water from storms so that flooding does not occur and cause problems for the development
  • Construction administration: Once a residential project has been planned and it is time to put the construction in motion, The Engineering Groupe also provides construction administration services to ensure that the structures match the plans when they are executed

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Residential engineers design the communities where people live and play. It is essential that you hire an engineering firm with experience and a strong reputation for these important projects.

For the best residential engineering in Washington, D.C. and Virginia, check out our other work in the area and contact The Engineering Groupe today.



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