Public works engineering Washington DC & Virginia

The Engineering Groupe offers public works engineering services for projects located throughout Washington, DC and Virginia.  You can browse a partial list of our previous public works projects or contact us today about your project for a consultation.

A brief overview of public works engineering

Although they receive little recognition, public works engineering firms directly improve the way people live. Public works engineering in Washington, D.C. and Virginia is especially important because these areas have a high concentration of residents, making it more challenging to balance their needs and the practical constraints of limited resources and infrastructure. The Engineering Groupe provides public works engineering services throughout this part of the country.

What is public works engineering?

Public works engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with structures designed to serve and be used by the general public. These are generally large-scale projects which is why these engineers affect so many people through their work.

Some examples of public works that an engineer would work on include:

  • Roadways
  • Railways
  • Sewage systems
  • Dams
  • Power plant placement and design
  • Airport design and placement
  • Water treatment facilities
  • Canals
  • Harbors/Ports
  • Tunnels

Typical Public Works Engineering Services

The types of large projects mentioned here require support and contribution from many people. And while it is easy to understand what a construction worker on a roadway project, what does the public work engineer actually do?

  • Surveys the land to get an accurate idea of boundaries, divisions, elevations highs and lows, and other relevant information for planning and executing large-scale projects
  • Permitting and rezoning areas when necessary. Public works projects are often given more leeway than private developments in this regard, but the process can be time-consuming and complex.
  • Highway design. Part of the transportation component of public works engineering involves designing a highway system that connects people and places in a logical and constructive way.
  • Project management. A well-designed project is meaningless if it is not executed properly. A public work engineer may be in charge of overseeing the entire project so that he or she can ensure that all of the groups are working together and staying on target toward the final goal.
  • Water resource design. People, communities, cities, and businesses need to have access to clean water. This can be as simple as directing a nearby source toward the parties in question or as complex as creating a system of dams hundreds of miles away.
  • Sanitary engineering. Urban areas also need a good sanitation system to keep the city clean and functioning properly. Public works engineers help design systems to keep the waste away from the public and dispose of it properly to protect and promote the health of the people.

Public works engineering and the Engineering Groupe

At the Engineering Groupe, we have worked on public works engineering projects in Washington, D.C. and Virginia. From solving commuting issues to developing a storm water management system, our team of engineers enjoys the challenge of this type of large project.




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