Mixed Use Development in Washington, DC & Virginia

The Engineering Groupe offers mixed use development and planning services for projects located throughout Washington, DC and Virginia.  You can browse a partial list of our previous mixed use projects or contact us today about your project for a consultation.

A brief overview of mixed use development

Mixed-use development is becoming popular in many urban areas throughout the United States. These developments are a marked departure from the single-zone design plan that characterized most development since the 1950’s and reflect the changing priorities of urban residents. Engineers with experience in mixed-use development will be in demand over the coming years as these communities continue to grow in popularity.

What is mixed use development?

Engineering firms can’t seem to agree on a single definition of “mixed use development” because it can take on different forms depending on the location. In general, these communities or developments use the same buildings and/or facilities for more than one purpose. This means that instead of being an apartment building, the building may also feature commercial businesses and be located with walkways to a public park. These developments feature some combination of commercial, office, industrial, institutional, residential, and/or other uses all in the same development.  

Why is there so much interest in mixed-use development?

There are several reasons why this type of development is becoming more popular. Some of the most widely acknowledged ones include:

  • Land is scarce and extremely expensive in urban areas and mixed-use developments make the most efficient use from a single property. The ability to get revenue from sources other than rent allows property owners to offer these properties at more affordable rates.
  • People are tired of commuting; they don’t want to continue spending time and money on automobiles. Mixed-use developments are focused on the pedestrian and are designed so that people can complete much of their daily routine without ever getting into a car.
  • Mixed-use developments create a sense of community in urban or densely populated areas where that sense was lacking before. Being able to live, work, and play in a single area gives people a greater sense of ownership even if they are only renting, and it allows them to get to know their neighbors in a real way.

Challenges to mixed-use developments

Although mixed-use developments are an innovative change, there are many challenges to this type of project. They require the cooperation of many parties, including government officials, developers, architects, and lenders, who may or may not have the same interests in mind.

For example, without the proper infrastructure, people in these developments may still need to have cars. If government officials aren’t willing to dedicate the public transportation funds to support these projects, the projects may fail because they are unable to meet one of their primary objectives.

Contact Us Today

Although mixed use developments face many challenges, there is no question that this type of development is here to stay. At The Engineering Groupe, our team has worked on numerous projects of this nature to develop the skills and experience necessary for the future.

If you are looking for an engineering firm with experience in mixed use development throughout both Washington, DC and Virginia, contact us today.



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