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The Engineering Groupe offers land planning services & feasibility studies for projects located throughout Washington, DC and Virginia.  You can browse a partial list of our other engineering services or contact us today about your project for a consultation.

A brief overview of land planning services

Land planning is one of the most important services we provide to our clients. Before starting a large project, it is important to understand the properties and limitations of a given piece of land as they apply to that project. When this part of the planning is done correctly, the client is able to make the best use out of the available land, minimizing costs and maximizing profits.

What is land planning?

Land planning is not something unique to engineering firms (link to home page). In actuality, land planning is initially done by the government on a local and national level with the intent to maximize the use of available land. Some of it is set aside as parks while other areas are zoned for schools, hospitals, residential uses, commercial uses, or other purposes.

When an engineering firm engages in land planning, they are dealing with a specific parcel of land and how it should be used for a specific project which can be as small as a single office building or as large as a residential community or even a city. In this situation, the engineers look at the land from multiple perspectives including the geological composition, geographic boundaries, and current government restrictions to determine how the land will fit the needs of the client and project.

What is included in land planning?

As land planning is a complex and multifaceted process, there are many factors involved in land planning from an engineering perspective. Some of the processes that are encompassed in the land planning process include:

  • Environmental constraint studies. These studies address environmental issues such as water quality issues or drainage concerns.
  • Feasibility studies that address each component of the project to develop a picture of the real costs and potential benefits.
  • Rezoning concerns for land that is not currently zoned for the use the client intends.
  • Special use permits and special exceptions which may allow the client to use the property for their project even if it does not fit within the current zoning restrictions and has not been approved for rezoning.

Contact us today

Many of these tasks involve an in depth knowledge of the local area and the local authorities who control zoning and permitting. The Engineering Groupe has been providing land planning & feasibility studies in Virginia and Washington DC for over 20 years, which means we have both the knowledge and experience to help our clients with land planning in this part of the country.


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