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The Engineering Groupe provides infrastructure engineering services for projects based throughout Washington, DC and Virginia. These engineering services include commercial, industrial, and retail site plans, residential subdivisions, stormwater management and much more. Contact us today for a consultation to discuss your project.

A brief overview of infrastructure engineering services

Infrastructure engineering is one of the essential parts of maintaining a region, city and even a country. The population of any region depends on its infrastructure to live, work, and play. At The Engineering Groupe, we provide infrastructure engineering service throughout the Washington DC and Virginia areas, regions in which geography and population density make this task particularly challenging.

What is infrastructure engineering?

In order to understand infrastructure engineering, one must first know what the word infrastructure means. This term refers to all of the systems that support a community, a region, or even a country, including water and sewage, road and rail, and electricity and gas.

Accordingly, infrastructure engineering includes the plans to build, maintain, or add on to each of these systems. In a region like Washington DC and Virginia where the infrastructure is hundreds of years old, infrastructure engineering faces unique obstacles and challenges. New projects often have to work around old roadways or insufficient electrical systems, requiring innovative approaches and original solutions.

What does infrastructure engineering include?

As a city or regions infrastructure involves so many components, infrastructure engineering addresses a myriad of concerns. Some of the infrastructure engineering services that The Engineering Groupe provides include the following:

  • Commercial, industrial, and retail site plans including water usage, sewage plans, electrical needs, and more
  • Residential subdivisions including roadways, entries and exits, water supply and management, power supply, sewage management, etc.
  • Stormwater management which is particularly challenging in areas near the water in this part of the country
  • Erosion and sediment control plans
  • Estimates of probable construction costs including permitting, rezoning, and environmental concerns
  • Grading studies to determine the best approach to land use and water management.
  • Earthwork analysis to obtain an accurate understanding of soil composition and how this will affect the overall project

Infrastructure engineering can be a very complex undertaking. Not only is the geography unique in this part of the country, but any new project has to be constructed around other structures that are decades or even centuries old. In order to undertake a project of this nature, it is necessary to hire an engineering firm that understands these unique challenges and is able to approach them with confidence.

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For infrastructure engineering in Washington DC and Virginia, contact The Engineering Groupe today. Our team has over two decades of experience in this area to help you get your project done.



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