Industrial Engineering Washington DC and Virginia

Industrial engineering is an area of practice that takes many factors into account including natural resources, zoning, civil engineering, and mechanics. At The Engineering Groupe, we provide industrial engineering services and consulting throughout the Washington, D.C. area and Virginia.

What is Industrial Engineering?

There are several variations on the definition of engineering because this branch of engineering actually spans several different areas of knowledge and requires a diverse skill set making it difficult to pinpoint a single, comprehensive list of attributes and abilities that characterize the industrial engineer.

In the most general sense, industrial engineers integrate materials, energy, and people into productive and efficient systems.

Sample work in Washington D.C. and Virginia

As a firm that offers industrial engineering services, The Engineering Groupe has worked on several projects of this nature in the Virginia and Washington D.C. areas.

Two examples of this type of work are the creation on a manufacturing plant and the placement of cell phone towers. When Hoppman Corporation Manufacturing Plant was ready to relocate their headquarters to Fairfax County, Virginia, they sought the services of our company to coordinate the project. The result was a manufacturing facility that had over 100,000 square feet in which high-tech production could take place. Additionally, when it was time to install cell phone towers, the company tat is now Sprint hired our firm to determine he ideal location for these towers from both a functional and a practical sense.

In these Washington, DC and Virginia industrial engineering projects, The Engineering Groupe provided the following services to our corporate client:

  • Planning
  • Zoning
  • Civil engineering
  • Surveying (topographical, boundary, and utility)
  • Engineering design
  • Feasibility studies

As an industrial leader, our firm is dedicated to helping clients reach their goals and create their vision in a real and tangible way. We work to create systems that will get the job done in a productive and efficient manner, allowing our clients to look after their bottom line.

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With experience in several areas of engineering, including mixed works, residential, retail, and others, our staff has the experience and knowledge clients need for these complex projects.

If you are looking for an industrial engineering firm in Virginia or Washington, D.C., contact The Engineering Groupe today. With over two years of experience, you can rely on our firm.

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