Civil engineering Washington DC & Virginia

Civil engineering services for projects located throughout Washington, DC and Virginia are offered by the Engineering Group in addition to the other engineering services we offer.  Contact us today about your project for a consultation.

About civil engineering

When one hears the phrase “civil engineering” today, it generally refers to the design and construction of large public structures such as dams, airports, canals, and roadways. This construction can be funded by the government or by private entities but is large in nature and intended for use by a great number of people. In this pursuit, the ENG Groupe balances interests such as durability, cost-effectiveness, environmental concerns, and sustainability which can be aligned or competing depending on the project.

Our Services

The Engineering Groupe offers a number of services related to civil engineering.  Some of these services include:

  • Environmental engineering which addresses the environmental concerns of our projects, Stormwater Management, BMP Facilities, Sustainability & LEED Design,  and various other ecological concerns.
  • Construction Management engineering, through which engineers oversee various design projects thru final construction phases.
  • Transportation engineering, involving the design of highways as well as smaller roadways to ensure functional traffic flow, minimize existing traffic interuption, pavement design & striping plans. 
  • Urban engineering that brings together city planning, resource management, stormwater engineering, water network system design, and other pursuits to create smarter cities that work well for both residents and businesses. 

A brief overview of civil engineering

Modern civil engineering has come a long way from its humble origins, and this is particularly obvious in the architecture and engineering works that one can see in both Washington DC and Virginia. When engineering first emerged as a modern pursuit, it was primarily a military concern.

However, it quickly became apparent that the same principles that made sense in the military realm would also be highly useful to the non-military population. Initially, civil engineering referred to all engineering that was done for non-military reasons. Today, there are many different engineering disciplines that fit into the broad category of civil engineering.

Get Started Today

As a diverse engineering firm, The Engineering Groupe has experience in the disciplines that comprise the broad civil engineering sector. From community planning to water resource planning, The Engineering Groupe has the skills to meet your engineering needs.



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